50 Movies To Remind You Why You Love Movies

I haven’t watched all these movies, but I saw some interesting premises and pictures here..

P.S Some are my favorites :)

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In my opinion, Manhattan is the greatest movie of all time, the perfect confluence of all things Woody Allen, the greatest film director of all time. In it, the man’s two guiding lights are clear. The cinematography of Fellini and the conversational narrative of Bergman, though neither of the two who most influenced Allen would dominant Manhattan like they would in Interiors or Stardust Memories. Manhattan is reserved in that sense and completely Woody, unmistakably so, even more so than Annie Hall. Yes, Manhattan may be just a romantic comedy. But it’s the smartest one ever made.

American Movie

In many ways, Mark Borchardt is the anti-American Dream. A “deadbeat,” Borchardt exemplifies all the things AM radio jockeys rail against. Conversely, the man is wholly American. Artistic, dreaming, uncompromising, Borchardt gets beaten down only to pick himself back up again. Along with his sweetheart of a friend…

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Nescafe Journey 2: #YouthCulture Team Itinerary

Karena saya tidak berencana menulis posting harian urut seperti daily journal Nescafe Journey, maka sekarang saya lampirkan dulu itinerary kami selama Journey, yes. Secara garis besar, ini urutan rangkaian perjalanan kami selama 15 hari. 1 14-02-13 05:50 - 08:40 Flight JKT - DENPASAR 10:20 - 11:45 Flight DENPASAR - TAMBOLAKA DAY ACTIVITY - Hotel, Desa … Continue reading Nescafe Journey 2: #YouthCulture Team Itinerary

10 Foreign Films For People Who Don’t Watch Foreign Films

Well, this is a starter for my posts in Movies category. Please do enjoy watching these movies. Some of them are my favorites and the others are soon-to-be my favorites too…I think :))

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Fancy something a little bit different from cliché ridden blockbusters, predictable rom coms and endless comic book adaptations? When the current selection at your cinema doesn’t float your boat, it might be a good idea to explore foreign film instead. It’s not just for pretentious people, you know.

I understand that a lot of people seem to be put off by the fact you have to use subtitles and while this can be annoying, there is so much more to be gained that it seems like such a silly and insignificant reason. It’s a wonderful way of being introduced to other cultures, new ideas and historic events we never really heard about. It also will make you want to travel, lots. I’m not going to pretend that every foreign film is profound, more ‘authentic’ or intrinsically better than what we’ve got on offer here. It’s just that people miss out…

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Nescafe Journey 2: The #YouthCulture Team

Sebelum memulai rangkaian cerita perjalanan saya di Nescafe Journey 2, saya ingin memperkenalkan terlebih dahulu anggota team #YouthCulture yang membuat keseluruhan perjalanan ini terasa lebih seru, lebih menyenangkan sekaligus melebihi segala ekspektasi saya sebelumnya. Bagi yang belum tahu, team #YouthCulture ini terdiri dari 5 orang laki-laki dan 1 orang perempuan. Yep, ini adalah perjalanan perdana … Continue reading Nescafe Journey 2: The #YouthCulture Team

Nescafe Journey 2: Si Anak Rumahan Ke Jakarta (Part. 3 – End)

Sesampainya di Buperta Cibubur, kami disambut awan mendung yang menggelayuti langit Cibubur sore itu. Udara pun menjadi sejuk dan menyenangkan untuk bersantai sambil mengobrol dengan teman-teman. Di sana kami sudah ditunggu banyak orang dari team fixer dan team videografer tetapi kami masih canggung untuk sekedar mengajak mereka ngobrol. Maklum, masih anak baru. *nunduk* Agenda sore … Continue reading Nescafe Journey 2: Si Anak Rumahan Ke Jakarta (Part. 3 – End)