50 Movies To Remind You Why You Love Movies

I haven’t watched all these movies, but I saw some interesting premises and pictures here..

P.S Some are my favorites :)

Thought Catalog


In my opinion, Manhattan is the greatest movie of all time, the perfect confluence of all things Woody Allen, the greatest film director of all time. In it, the man’s two guiding lights are clear. The cinematography of Fellini and the conversational narrative of Bergman, though neither of the two who most influenced Allen would dominant Manhattan like they would in Interiors or Stardust Memories. Manhattan is reserved in that sense and completely Woody, unmistakably so, even more so than Annie Hall. Yes, Manhattan may be just a romantic comedy. But it’s the smartest one ever made.

American Movie

In many ways, Mark Borchardt is the anti-American Dream. A “deadbeat,” Borchardt exemplifies all the things AM radio jockeys rail against. Conversely, the man is wholly American. Artistic, dreaming, uncompromising, Borchardt gets beaten down only to pick himself back up again. Along with his sweetheart of a friend…

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