The Last Summer Festival in Saga @ 2013

Last Friday night (11/10), me, Tiara and some PPI members went to a summer festival near Nabeshima – Yamato area. We invited Tina (one of SPACE student) too, since she hadn’t had any bike yet here in Saga. Some SPACE friends were also going there to see the fireworks, but they went with their bike.

Apparently it was the last summer festival in Saga area and there was a fireworks party too. They ignited about 2000 fireworks! Amazing! The festival is not really festive, though. It’s just a bunch of food and game stalls along a busy road. I didn’t buy anything because I was saving money. Hahaha! But the food sure looked good. There were foods like takoyaki, grilled squid (ika), french fries, yakitori, okonomiyaki, grilled corn, and cotton candy. And there were also game stalls like the ones we often see in mangas such as goldfish game, or mask sellers. It was so crowded, people gather around the big river (or lake?) just to see the fireworks above the river.



I’ve seen fireworks in my life, of course. But not this kind of fireworks. I saw smaller ones in Indonesia. I just saw big fireworks like these mostly on TV. The fireworks were like exploding in the sky and there were golden raindrops followed afterwards. It really looked like raindrops. Magical moments. It’s like raining gold coins or something like that. If you listen closely, you might hear the sparkling sounds. Ah~~ At those times, I would recalled Ghibli movies and Kingdom Hearts so easily.

Some said the biggest fireworks party this year was held in Kurume town. It is not really far from Saga. There were 18000 fireworks there. I really should watch it next year! :)





These are some photos of the food stalls. Apparently there was a kakigori (shaved ice) stall too that night. I wonder who might have bought kakigori that night since it was so cold…



P.S the photos here are quite blurry, I don’t really know why. But maybe it’s because my hand was shaking (it’s cold!) and we were in a rush. Too bad, though, the fireworks were really beautiful and I couldn’t capture it really well. Especially those golden raindrops moments. Ah~


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